65th Florida State Convention

Aug 3 – 7, 2022 — Harbor Beach Marriott — Fort Lauderdale, FL

Don’t feel like registering online? Just download and print our paper registration form, complete it and mail it according to the directions on the form.

The hotel is completly sold out. See the hotel page for more options.

Please see the hotel page for shuttle and parking information.

2022 Is Here

Happy 2022 everyone!  Oh my, it is 2022 it is getting real now.  I hope you all had a happy, safe and sober holiday season.  With the major holidays behind us, it’s time to hit the road running.  All of our committees are ramping up.  We are back to meeting monthly for our planning meetings, and each of the committees are starting to meet.  So much to do……putting on a convention has a lot of moving parts, we have the obvious things like registration, program and merchandise.  There is also all the behind the scenes stuff.  So many other committees that are still looking for volunteers. Ever wonder how all of this comes together to be a sober and fun filled 5 days?  Come and join us at our planning meeting and be a part of the best kept secret in sobriety.  SERVICE!!! So, as you can see there is still lots to do.   Lots of fun, fellowship and laughter all while doing service.  

Along with our Speakers, Workshops and Marathon meetings we are planning on having some great entertainment every night, along with our Saturday morning sports events, which now include Corn Hole.  We will still have beach Volleyball and our unique beach walk run along with the official convention golf tournament where some lucky foursome will take home the coveted coffee pot trophy.  We will also have our Archives room to look at some of the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rumor is, there may be more than just our local archives display there.

Some may wonder where does the money come from to put on such an awesome event.  Well, that comes from your registration fees.  Registering early gives us the funds needed to have everything ready for you when you arrive.  Your packet will be ready, with your badge, your pre ordered merchandise and everything you will need to find your way around the hotel and make it to your favorite speaker, workshop, hospitality room for fellowship or even go to the beach or pool. We will be ready for you!

I know some of you were not able to reserve your room at the Harbor Beach Marriott.  Don’t worry we have a waitlist for rooms as they come available.  We also have a few overflow hotels very close by.  Below are links to these overflow hotels. Please know that we fully expect rooms in the Harbor Beach Marriott to be come available as we get closer to our event.  So we recommend that if you do choose to make reservations elsewhere you make sure it is cancellable. 

Click here to reserve a room at B Ocean

Click here to reserve a room at Marriott Courtyard.  

So that’s all from me for now.  If you have any questions, go to our private Facebook group where Bill and Bob seem to make appearances every now and then.  You can just post your question and one of our volunteers will be happy to answer you.  Or feel free to contact me directly at chair2022fsc@gmail.com.   If we don’t know the answer, we will find it for you.

Best Wishes for a great 2022.

Your 65th Florida Convention Chair,

Karen Valiquette (just another alcoholic doing service)